Welcome to Land Beside The Water Group with Keller Williams Seneca. Charles Morgan and Sharalyn Kluke have more than 21 years of experience as Realtors and business owners. Land Beside The Water Group are Oconee County area experts that love the lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and overall serenity that the beauty of Oconee County brings. Land Beside The Water Group is passionate about helping people find that perfect property so they can settle down and experience peace of mind where it feels like a permanent home, even if it is a second home or a cabin in the mountains get-away. Sharalyn Kluke is a former school educator who ventured into real estate when she desired to expand her impact from beyond the classroom into the Seneca, South Carolina community. Charles Morgan grew up in Oconee County. As a civic leader and business mentor in the community, he and Sharalyn believed their real estate businesses would be better together, and thus Land Beside The Water Group was formed in 2017.

When asked about “why do you do real estate,” Charles and Sharalyn expressed how much they care about helping people through the buying and selling transaction of real estate because they know that it is difficult to start out somewhere new when you do not know anyone. Land Beside The Water Group Keller Williams Seneca team enjoys becoming a buyer’s first impression of the Blue Ridge Mountains area as well as establishing that feeling of family through the process. Together, this real estate power couple emphasizes that they “come with the house”. Land Beside The Water Group is known for how they take care of their clients after the transaction, which includes serving the homeowner and caring for property which may include caring for animals while homeowners are away or even checking on the landscaping after a major storm comes through. Sharalyn and Charles love to be that first phone call when someone in the community needs to know what is going on around town and even which restaurants they may recommend. The Land Beside The Water Group is set apart from other real estate agencies because they go above and beyond to demonstrate trustworthiness, work hard for your referrals, and commit to a long term relationship even if you end up moving out of the area. And yes, they can help with that transaction too! Even if you move out of state, the Land Beside The Water Group can help you no matter where you want to go!

As the market shifts and property values increase or interest rates fluctuate, the Land Beside the Water Group adapts to meet the needs for buyers, sellers, and even other agents. Agent train-the-trainer programs under Sharalyn’s leadership have helped position the Land Beside The Water Group Keller Williams Seneca as the local go to for real estate education, tips, and mentoring. Recently, as the inventory became super limited and home values skyrocketed, Charles recognized the opportunity to identify new needs for people across the country searching for homestead purchasing opportunities. Gardening, acreage, and frontier lifestyle seem to be the new trend for people that are retiring earlier and wishing to slow life down a little and get off the grid. The Land Beside The Water Group sells tracts of land and they really enjoy pairing perfect properties with people. You can find your peace of land with The Land Beside The Water Group Keller Williams Seneca South Carolina. In addition to these services, Charles and Sharlyn’s team focus on referral building and relationship investment across the community for many different great causes. The Land Beside The Water Group’s impact extends far beyond the transaction. Regular mailings, drop-in visits, and business support services make The Land Beside The Water Group the preferred real estate agency in Seneca, South Carolina. Often you will find Charles and Sharalyn in local businesses sharing social media photos and building reviews to help strengthen support for small local businesses. The Land Beside The Water Group invests time, talent and treasure into their community. People like Sharalyn and Charles are hard to find and their passion for real estate is superseded by their passion to take care of people.

The Land Beside The Water Group Keller Williams Seneca reaches out on a daily basis to their previous clients as well as prospective clients. The investment this team makes in relationships is a true testament to how they go the long distance for people and never settle for less. Anyone can sell you a house or help you buy a house, but not every real estate agent is willing to “come with the house”. Without being tied to the outcome, the Land Beside The Water Group team is all in whatever it takes no matter the outcome to serve you on the long path to peace and property. You hire Charles and Sharalyn because you know the transaction experience is guaranteed to go well, but also because you gain a team of people that become your family. The Land Beside The Water Group Team stands by their “good experience guarantee” with several customers willing to share their testimonies of how great their experience is with the Land Beside The Water Group Team at Keller Williams Seneca.

The “good experience guarantee” offered by The Land Beside The Water Group is unmatched. Serving Lake Keowee, Lake Hartwell, Lake Jocassee, and the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding Oconee and Pickens Counties offers families so much opportunity to experience the outdoors and adventure without traveling for hours. The team that knows this area best is The Land Beside The Water Group Keller Williams Seneca, South Carolina. Maybe you just need friends that know the area or you visit the area often and think it may be the place where you make your permanent home, the call you make to work with The Land Beside The Water Group is guaranteed to bring you a lasting experience that is exceptional! Call now 864.888.7195 or 864.873.8754 or reach out by e-mail at landbesidethewater@gmail.com.