Benefits and Services

The Land Beside The Water slogan is “We Come With The House”. The way we do business sets us apart from other real estate companies. We work hard to build trust and relationships with other businesses in the Oconee County, SC area so that we can add value and connect the people we serve to their new community in and around the Seneca area. Charles Morgan has expertise in irrigation, septic systems, landscaping strategies, retail supplies and services for homeowners, and he wears many hats so his customers do not have to. Sharalyn Kluke is the business networking guru and she is one of the founders of one of the only remaining local Oconee County, S.C. business networking groups that meets once a month. Find them on Facebook here:


Somewhere Local To Get Away From It All: The Willow Retreat

Business growth in Oconee County, SC is something that attracts people to relocate to the Upstate. Willow Retreat has been a very successful business since their opening over 10 years ago. The relationship that Land Beside The Water has with Willow Retreat is invaluable.

Charles Morgan with the Land Beside the Water group at Keller Williams Seneca visits Willow Retreat Wellness Center’s Stephanie Rutledge. Stephanie gives us the 411 on what they offer and how you can find out more!

We absolutely love the Willow Retreat Wellness Center. Our personal massage therapist is Stephanie Rutledge. The services offered include deep tissue therapy message, Swedish relaxation, micro-germ abrasion, body waxing, eyebrows, and physical therapy, mental health therapy and even life coaching. Willow Retreat also has infrared sauna. People that are still working off the long term effects of covid should check this business out.

Insurance Referral Partners

Michael Bagwell of Bradley K Richardson, PC.
Real Estate Closings and Title Insurance
The Land Beside The Water Group depends on reliable partners like the one they have with Michael Bagwell with Bradley K. Richardson, P.C.

Title Insurance is something often overlooked
New York Notary stamps have been stolen with individual drivers licenses and impersonating seller’s and treating themselves as a mail away at closing and sending the attorney the information and selling the property through a channel in Texas and the actual owners are finding owners in their house without their knowledge. Title insurance protects you against these situations. We handle several covered risks that Title Insurance resolves for people like this that end up in worst case scenario. Often, Title Insurance is now required depending on which insurance company you use. Seneca SC Ext. 2 @ 8642220292


Financial Planning Partners

Charles Morgan with the Land Beside the Water Group at Keller Williams Seneca sits down and has a chat with David Chudyk of Parallel Financial. David lets us in on what’s new and how he has the solution for what keeps you up at night! Parallel Financial is a registered investment advisory out of Greenville, S.C. We help clients manage their money in a way that makes sense for them. We help clients manage risk and work towards what is important for them over time. Personalized service with a strategic focus on different buckets of money and cash for life events. The tactics and strategies that help people build wealth is not what sets us apart, rather, it is our personal service and trustworthiness. David Chudyk appreciates the opportunity to work with The Land Beside The Water Group and he enjoys the business transactions and beneficial relationships both companies share.


Dog Training

Kat’s Dog Training
Charles Morgan and Sharalyn Kluke LOVE animals! They adopted a sweet dog from the