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What is stopping you from finding your peace of mind in Oconee County South Carolina land or properties? The call you make to work with The Land Beside The Water Group is guaranteed to bring you a lasting experience that is exceptional! Call now 864.888.7195 or 864.873.8754 or reach out by e-mail at

Are you looking for the best buyer’s agent in Seneca, South Carolina? Well, look no further! The Land Beside The Water Group guarantees you a great experience from start to finish, except that we keep going with you even post transaction. Our clients are so happy with their transactions that we often get referrals as well as return clients that want to purchase properties across the country. One of the great benefits of working with the Land Beside The Water Group is that we can help you in any state in the United States of America. We guide you through the process with truth and transparency. We know that relationships generate referrals and that is why we invest so much time, talent and treasure into the people we meet whether they are active real estate clients or just people we meet in the coffee shop.

Ideal clients for the Land Beside The Water Group are people who value family, friendships, and fun times! We enjoy taking people out on the town and serving as that community tour guide when you visit Lake Keowee, Lake Jocassee, Lake Hartwell and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Maybe you do not need a buyer’s agent yet OR you are not sure what lies ahead in terms of purchasing, but we still want you to reach out. Once we connect with you, our team will be intentional to learn who you are and what the desires of your heart are for the perfect property for you. And from there, our aim is to be on the lookout for you, always on the top of our minds so that we can pair you with the perfect property when the listing becomes available.

Maybe you are not looking to buy or sell a home, but you ARE interested in retirement in the future and the Lake Keowee area or Lake Jocassee interest you. You will not find more knowledgeable agents than Land Beside The Water Group Keller Williams Seneca South Carolina. Our team wants to help even if we never get your business! The more people that trust our team, the greater our territory for referrals and relationships grows!

3 Reasons Why You Should Contact The Land Beside The Water Group


  1. The Land Beside The Water Group Team are area natives. The heart of our team is serving people and investing in our community. You can trust us with your needs and questions. Our guarantee is even if you never work with us, our team wants the opportunity to share as much as we can to benefit your decision to maybe one day live here and experience the same greatness and beauty we do each day.
  2. The second reason you should contact The Land Beside The Water Group is we have so much fun with people! Our team knows all the hot spots, whether you hunt and fish, or want to have a good beer or morning coffee! Just ask us because we want you to know what we know about Oconee County, South Carolina.
  3. Reason number 3 to contact Land Beside The Water Group in South Carolina is because relationships strengthen experiences! We are experts at relationship building and we value getting to know new people! We will answer questions and tell you whatever you need to know about real estate transactions in the area, the pitfalls, the dangers ahead, the beauty, the benefits, and all the in between so that you can make the best decision for your family and your future!

Maybe these reasons are not enough for you to reach out, but we hope that when you need a buyer’s agent or need to buy or sell or list a property, that the Land Beside The Water Group has done everything possible to gain your trust and confidence for a future hire. Also, if you are thinking about selling your home and you are not sure if you should “for sale by owner”, please keep reading. First of all, please contact us so we can help explain from personal experiences with our friends and family that went down this path and the deals were not optimized leaving sellers with unmet expectations and alot less money. Real estate commission is a small price to pay for our job and commitment, plus we offer “a great experience guarantee”, so that you avoid the horrific death of a deal that could have changed your life for the better, but instead it changed it for the worse. Our team at Land Beside The Water Group wants to help you avoid ALL of the dangers ahead.

Please watch what our clients say about us and check out our video vault on our YouTube channel. It gives you a fantastic and authentic snapshot of who we are, what we do, and why we do what we do at The Land Beside The Water Group. Our team is happy to meet with you and discuss how to properly set expectations when working with a listing agent or a buyer’s agent. Many people that are engaged in first time transactions may not be aware of the contractual agreement involved in the real estate exchange and this process can become complex and overwhelming. Our team will sit down with individuals before any decisions are made and we will work with you to help set expectations and ensure that the understanding of the agreement is acceptable, clear, and mutual before going forward so that you are well prepared and are equipped to avoid making any commitment for less than what you need or hope for.

The Land Beside The Water Group can also give homeowners tips on how to sell a home quickly at the right price. That is right! No strings attached, we will sit down with you and share what we know about what works well and what to avoid. We can even guide you on how to properly stage your home to expedite the sales cycle. But if you do not contact us, we can not help you. So, go ahead – give The Land Beside The Water Group the opportunity to serve you!