Single Family Homes

The residential housing market at Lake Keowee, Lake Jocassee, Lake Hartwell, and the surrounding Seneca, South Carolina areas has much to offer. There are a range of residential housing options, but residential home inventory is limited and the houses sell very quickly! Often, within 24 hours, there are as many as 3 backup offers on a property and/or home so interested buyers have to be ready to negotiate and work fast!

One of the unique advantages of Seneca, South Carolina is the presence of one of South Carolina’s largest lakes, Lake Keowee. There are new townhomes as well as condos which include the famous Keowee Key living community. The best way to begin looking at residential homes in this area includes nailing down as many specifics as you possibly can. The Land Beside The Water Group is patient, but the listings change quickly. The Land Beside The Water Group can share personal experience with prospective buyers that can help save them time when committing to an agent and beginning their home and/or property search. Usually our team is efficient and can help buyers narrow down their list of what they want in a home. However, one time we had a client that we explored more than 50 homes with and we just could not figure out why he was not making a decision. Eventually we brought him back to the office at sundown after days of searching and asked him, “what have the homes we showed you been missing?” His reply, “I want to have a window with a view in my master bathroom!” So, first you need to make a list of exactly what you want and identify for your agent that these items are not optional. Be as detailed as possible and do not waste time exploring properties that do not meet these initial expectations. The next step after you nail down your not optionals, is to think about how you want to function in the home. For example, open floor plan, or a good sized yard, and fencing for any animals you may have. Also, what are your expectations for an HOA or some type of covenant? After you nail these things down you need to know with certainty what your budget is and gain financing approval before you begin to house hunt. One of our business mentors shared with us how when she bought her first home, her parents told her “never get emotionally attached on the first look at a house”. Stay as objective as possible and identify all of the available properties that match your not optionals. Make a list of your top 5 and go back and revisit each home without being in a hurry. And definitely do not check out properties after sundown.

Have you ever seen the Money Pit? If you check out a property or home where there are tarps covering the pool, or areas that you can not really get to, then proceed with caution. You do not want to make an offer on a property that has not been fully exposed as there is a risk that it will have a long list of items post inspection that need to be taken care of and that path typically is not a good experience for the buyer or the seller. The Land Beside The Water Group Keller Williams Seneca specializes in 3 bedroom 2.5 bath or larger residential housing options for families. The areas around Lake Keowee have amazing subdivisions. Some of the most popular neighborhoods include Waterside Crossing, Waterford Pointe, Emerald Point, White Oak Cliffs, Southwind Bay, Bayshore Estates, Cross Creek Plantation, Falcon’s Lair, and Keowee Key. We have over 5 golf courses within a 15 mile distance and our population is around 75,000 residents. The single family home options are very diverse. The school choice options are available in Oconee County. School choice means you can settle on the property you like best even if the schools you may want for your family are in a different area. You just have to provide the transportation. Oconee County is also home to several eco-friendly SMART Green Home builders, which make a great option for a new energy star rated and energy efficient home purchase.

Many people looking for single family homes are first time home buyers. The buying and transaction process for single family homes can be complicated and overwhelming for first time home buyers. Land Beside The Water Group is here to help you navigate through all of the language and financial options available so that you can make the best decision for your future and have zero regrets. In fact, The Land Beside The Water Group guarantees a great experience when you work with us! Our agents are native to the Blue Ridge Mountains area surrounding Oconee County, South Carolina which means we have phenomenal relationships with local banks and we can connect you to a trusted lender when you need us. When you buy or list with The Land Beside The Water Group we work with confidence to serve you and your family so that your great experience will be remembered forever and you will refer us to your friends and family.

Our goal is to have you so happy with your purchase that we will be your permanent choice for real estate listing, buying, and selling. Our commitment to you is to get to know you and your family, and remember we come with the house and we are here for you when you need us, even to take care of your pets or property! Give us a call if you are interested in Land Beside The Water around Lake Keowee, Lake Jocassee, Lake Hartwell, Seneca, Mountain Rest, Walhalla, West Union, Fair Play, or beyond! Relationships, referrals, and real estate with Land Beside The Water Group comes with a great experience guaranteed! And remember, “we come with the house!